Social and Innovative Platform on Cultural Tourism (SPOT)


 This is an EU funded Horizon 2020 project whose full name is “Social and Innovative Platform on Cultural Tourism and its potential on deepening Europeanisation”.

Work and Care


Participating in the labour force and balancing family and care obligations is an important issue for most households in the modern world.  Social policies can help or hinder this balance as can social capital and family ties.

Societal Quality and Quality of Life


This group of projects develops a model for understanding the quality of society and factors that enable people to lead satisfactory and fulfilling lives within it.

Transformations in Eastern Europe


The transformation of economic life, new patterns of migration and new ideas of nationality and citizenship all emerged from the collapse of communism in this region. 



The transformations in Europe set off new movements of people that have impacted on all European societies.  The projects here have looked mainly at migration from Eastern and Central Europe since 1989.  

Information Society


The work on Information Society aims to work with local communities to create projects to improve the quality of life.  It also analyses the role of information and communications technology at an international level.

Growing up in Aberdeen


Sociological research of children of the 1950's who grew up in Aberdeen.